About Us

Axpertec was established in 2002. Our main objectives are to strive for and offer high quality products to PC Enthusiasts. Our teams of Professional experienced Sales, Technicians and Engineers provide exceptional support to accelerate the business of our partners. Axpertec is dedicated to helping our customers overcome perplexing issues. Axpertec strives to provide a superior experience through excellence in customer service, product knowledge, value, and selection to encourage consumers to become lifelong customers. Thus, over the years, Axpertec has experienced a healthy and steady growth. Our current and past customers have contributed to a large part of our success.

Our suppliers also make an important contribution to Axpertec's success. Over the years, we have developed excellent relationships with our suppliers. We work together to make on-time deliveries of high quality products to meet our customers demanding specifications. A number of the quality products we distribute set the standard in the industry.